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Built in partnership with Waves, the Tactus Digital Mixing System puts high quality audio, custom configuration and class leading features at the operator’s fingertips. Built on the combination of the Waves eMotion LV1 mixer, SoundGrid server technology and Crest Audio Tactus IO interfaces, the Tactus Digital Mixing System represents the next evolution in digital consoles- without the physical limitations of a console.

The Tactus.Control is designed to supplement the LV1 eMotion touch screen by providing moving faders, lighted buttons and knobs for the most used functions. It has 16 motorized channel faders, with Mute Cue and Select buttons along with a multi line scribble strip display. These can follow screen layer selections or be locked on a layer for expanded control. There are two Master faders that can be mapped to any input or master fader in the console. A single control knob follows on screen parameter selection for quick and easy adjustment. It also has 8 Mute group buttons, 8 User buttons with label screens, 4 plugin control knobs, scene, and layer control buttons, cue level and clear. The Tactus.Control connects to the Host PC running LV1 via USB.

The Tactus.FOH serves as the SoundGrid Server and DSP brain in the system, processing all eMotion LV1 algorithms and plugins. The FOH receives all audio Input sources from the .Stage companion unit via SoundGrid before processing and re-routing the audio back out. It also hosts 8x analog local inputs and outputs, 2x AES3 Inputs, Midi connections, Word Clock BNC sockets, a 3-port Gbit built-in-switch utilising SoundGrid and a Headphone TRS jack.
The Tactus.FOH can ship with a 64, 32 or 16 channel LV1 license or can be sold license free.

The Tactus.Stage serves as a 32 Input x 16 Output analog patch which converts and taxi’s audio over SoundGrid to and from the Tactus.FoH Server.
It also offers 2x AES3 Digital outputs, Midi connections, Word clock BNC connections, a Headphone TRS Input jack and a 3-port Gb built-in switch with an additional direct low latency port.
Multiple Tactus.Stage units can be configured in a single system offering scalable, flexible and switched AB configurations.


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