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SC212 and SC215 are matched stereo controllers for the subwoofer-models t&m212 and t&m215 of the
t&mSystems Pro-Seriess or comparable systems.
The requests for supervised SPLs, comprehensive operation-safety, linearity and optimum sound quality
are rising steadily and can therefore only be fulfilled by using an acoustic-electronic device – the PAsystem controller. The biggest advantage is the exact adjustment of the single components – amplifier
and loudspeakers – to each other. Controllers are crossovers, EQs and protection-gear in one box, but
the most important feature, however, is the possibility of supervising the amplifier outputs via the Sense
Return input, which brings perfect control over the loudspeakers, especially for the woofers.
To make the Sense Return connection properly, there are two alternatives: Picking up the signal either
directly at the amplifier output or at the loudspeaker input. If choosing the first possibility an additional
cable running down to the speaker is not needed, but on the other hand the controller disregards the
power-losses due to the speaker cable. If picking up the signal at the loudspeaker input a second
cable is needed, and the controller is able to supervise the actual power arriving at the speaker.
Bear in mind, that the difference between the power at the amplifier output and at the loudspeaker input
may vary from each other by several dB, depending on length and quality of the speaker cable.
Both models offer switchable crossover frequencies (90, 120 or 200 Hz), phase reverse for the LF-outs,
LF-gain for exact level-tuning and the possibility to either run the tops full range or in high-pass mode. All
switches and pots except for the power switch are recessed, which makes unwanted changes unlikely.
The units are 1 RU high, all inputs and outputs including the LF-Sense input are XLR-connectors.

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